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jasmine & saffron, dueling for the hand of the princess.

now that the trains are back up to running (like clockwork, hitler eat your heart out), i took the day to go into manhattan with bernard. i mean, it wasn't like i was going to play ico, since i'm stuck back in the chandalier room. we went to the bryant park commerce fair & the union square red & white fair, & a couple of other places inbetween. not a bad hall for little miss jenny, though most of it went into her stocking. i'm counting on her parents to do a lot of the heavy lifting on her gifts this x-mas, but i imagine things are going to pan out well. she's got some intresting gifts coming to her from yours truely. stopped in at the coffee shop where whosaidilied made me a special, one of a kind, never before dranken beverage. unique experiance! also ate at gray's papaya, & ordered saurkraut, which i think is the first time i've ever willingly eaten it. not a shabby day, but what now?

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