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took the dollar van to work today. the inaccurately named dollar van, since they cost two dollars, but don't let that fool you into thinking i'm complaining. i walked over to flatbush along 6th avenue, pretty much expecting to find all the vans packed to the gills & doing their thing. in fact, it was mostly my own sort of tenetiveness that kept me from getting in one sooner- had i gone with my first hunch & just waited at the first bus stop i came across. instead, i sort of walked up flatbush till i intersected with a bus stop & a red light. anyhow, the dollar vanning was pretty copacetic. everyone was calm & friendly & it wasn't the biggest squishville i've been in. not to mention getting to work pretty much on time. so suck on that assmar mtu & mta! you can have your lovers quarrel. your little spat. i'll be cruising against rush hour traffic, into brooklyn whenever everyone is headed the other way, then vice-versa tonight. 'course, it does put a little bit of a monkeywrench into my christmas shopping plans, but i'm sure i'll come up with something clever.

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