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after the show, after the hoopla, the hubbabaloo, we drifted along the tradewinds with the cast of the young romance play (!) to capones, which is that joint that gives you a pizza when you order a beer. the gaggle, including my geese, swooped down upon the balcony & claimed it for our own. there was revelry! nine got me a sculpture of the hivequeen whats head is made out of a sparkplug! swoon. pappy got me...about a million beers with little wedges of lemon. andrew got me a shot to celebrate carla's birthday. there was drinking, smirking, leaking, creeping! eventually the rest of the cast either filtered home (for those farther flung) or swept along to another joint or whatever (for those of the more williamsburgian disposition), so eventually we more or less had the upper portion of the bar to ourselves. from there, it t'wern't nothing much but a fairly smooth (if exeedingly wet) route home. then this morning i had a lazy sort of rest with jenny. she got back from her dentist's appointment & kind of lounged around in her underwear while i played some ico & then we ate burritos. man, ico is just as amazing as i remember it being for the five minutes i played it while a guy i knew threw up in his trashcan. so that was a nice little slack ass bit of punctuation. more play tonight though!

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