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the show itself went pretty spectacularly, once all the kinks were smoothed down to bumps. i flubbed a line, but barely, so who is going to notice that? besides mister chip "international grand opening costume zoo gala" masters. then at the end there was a snafu with my (johnny's) biker jacket, & i kind of looked around like an idiot in a locust mask for a while, but the last bit came out alright anyhow. other people's fuck ups were corrosponingly minor. mo (of the murder-worthy voice, the interfeci vocce) knocked over the water cooler, which was pretty funny by the sound of it. a chunk of act i got dropped via a lost couple of lines with hooks on 'em, but again, unnoticable to anyone not us. the overall response was overwhelmingly positive. tonight is another fucking tilt at the mill, though, so there is still plenty of time to trainwreck things.

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