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last night was the international zoo grand opening costume gala! or close enough- it was opening night of the young romance play! there was some tense fucking shit before things got kicked off, largely on account of the charlie pineapple folks trying to be jerks because simon was bringing them the check, instead of already having given it to him. so they held our costumes ransom! which, well. charles pineapple the third should maybe check himself before he wrecks himself, considering they couldn't even be fucked to put our show on their site, or actually have 49 chairs like they said they would. things looked disasterous for a moment, but then the sky darkened, there were wheels of fire, & then! troopers came out of the woodwork like a motherfucker. we got it in gear as folks started to roll in. & it was a successful venture! my crew included jenny (my little jeepers creepers!), carla (it was her birthday!), andrew (who bought a round of shots for carla's birthday!), imogen (tits & all!), nine of 26 (who came all the way from ohio!), gerd (who braved the transit strike!), david (1/2 crying irish!), & becca (to say goodbye forever!).

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