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heckyll & jekyll.

its a green glass mirror sort of couple of days. man, let me tell you about how great it is to make a batwing with your fingers, then to make a bird wing. it is pretty fucking great. i could do it all night & all day besides. how much better is it than hips in whales? a whole fucking lot better. maybe i've been thinking about it because of that great mountain dew commercial, with the nightvision scope & all the singing animals singing that "all night long" song.

she was at the junction, the fog curling about her ankles, pea soup thick all, cupped below the firmament. suddenly, the mist was sundered, rent by a glowing yellow orb, afixed to the sky. everyone around her covered their eyes, hiding from the light, cowering under shaded palms. but she looked up at it. she just wanted to warn us.

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