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pardon me sir!

did i talk about friday? peter's birthday/slash/his girlfriend broke up with him? the story is pretty short. went to the asian pub, poured drinks down peter's face while having a couple of martini's myself (added to the $4 drink menu!) got him falling down drunk (mostly through the car-bomb/mind eraser combo of his long island friends) & then ran him home. ran into noted political exiles salman rushdie & lilly along the way. & that is the story of a very merry december friday. a brief run-down of events!

saturday was katja's gallery opening. smash! stomp! i met omar khayam there, & van. both seem to be wraiths, as there is little evidence (outside of the internet) that they ever exsisted. though i suppose the same could be said for me. i am vapour! a spectre! at least, the vodka told me so. jenny pulled a nail out of the wall with her teeth. a couple girls got an ash tray dumped on their nice coats. i am good at making small talk & tricking people. hooray for me. we drank away the night, leaving just our skeletons. it was a freaky decemeber saturday! that is my story, & i'm sticking to it.

otherwise, this week has been practice, practice, practice. finally seen the charlie pineapple disrepair! though there have been promises vouchsafed that it will come together like that giant constructocon robot. eitherway, i see laughs in the near future.


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