mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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well here i am supreme buzz buzz. hail the hive!

this skeleton store! steel racks recessed in the walls- you pull 'em out & there we've got hanging from it bones n' bones. sneaky bones of calcium, full of juicy marrow. whalebones, moosebones, whatever kind of bones you need. trailblazers from the american expansion brought us the bones of thunder lizards, fresh from the redskin's butchers. conquistadors brought the titanic bones of the serpents living in the lake about tenochtitlán. all sorts of crazy ass bones. the bones of a real live irishman! really now. a couple of jars of eyeballs, too. newt eyes even. glass jars. nice, bulbous jars. you know how we do. professor snarl!

note to self: remember group novel idea: doctor acula!

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