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picture of moderation! i might as well have been drinking apple juice & calling it liquor. but now it is time to put these things away & take a shower, for today, i am a worker bee. & i will, just as soon as i finish my tea. i've got to get the warmth inside me, on account of the heat at the bookstore still being broke as fuck. so i will break out the cosby sweater. dreams last night of electric lights beneath me. of the old man drawing his sword & in a burst of flames his wings appearing. flew me from bus stop to waterfront, across an ocean of oil rigs. as usual there was more going on, but it has slipped. i tried a little to get a little nashtkamanthah mojo goin', with the fair-hair'ed one, but not to any avail that i can recall. so it is saturday morning on the planet earth, & little angel mordicai is getting his citizen of the empire persona polished up, girded on. prepare for anhilation served up with a smile. like i said, i've carved my flute into a sword to slaughter the daemon sultan. & the rest will come tumbling down like dominoes. yay.

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