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of course- there were demons in those days. coming from me, that might sound absurd. you know how vehement i get on the subject. angels is a topic i hold near & dear, & perish those who would say one could be anything other. so when i say demons, rather than take it with a grain of salt, realize the raw scope of the thing. stuff to makes the gnostics gasp out that they were right, things of flesh & foulness. of skin & bones & rubber. they've all sunk to impossible depths now. but i kind of miss them. there is something to be said for it, for a cruel & harsh echo. a repot across the hills that wakes the damned. "no more kidding around, motherfuckers," that is what the giant squid says. "if by now you havn't gotten it, with all this krakening around, then fuck your stupid idiot ass," they jet out, like ink, as they slink away. & you know, true that: fuck you. how many times can these ice cubes, pills, marbles dribble off our tongues. your crooked language only allows so many lies. we try to get close, but you wilfully refuse us.

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