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it is slightly true that i let the new guy at the deli put maple syrup onto a chicken parmesean sandwich. well! how was i to know that isn't how it goes! it could go that way. shut the fuck up, earthlings. you heard me. tonight was kromelizard's drunk-ass birthday. i got there a little late, around eight, but in plenty of time. asian pub, bitches. though the four dollar drink menu has expanded to include martinis & other shit, which sort of cheapens the girlie drink drunk charm of it. anyhow, for once it was jumping. & for once we got bounced. or at least, peter got cut off, which is as good as, really. kassie showed up (to confess her true love) but only in time to leave, & on the way home, i ran into lilly! surprise, surprise. that could pan out okay. anyhow, carried (carried) peter home, then came home myself. ta-da!

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