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zentraedi high command: 3d6+4 iq, 4d6+4 ps, 4d6+6 pe, bitch.

i'm intrested in estonian mythology. well, that much is true. basically i've cribbed some very minor iconography from it, but the info out there regarding it is pretty skint. dissapointing. i don't know how to move on to phase ii of the investigation. i'll come up with something though. went a little out of my brain on sunday, but reeled it back in before the whole week could collapse in on itself (like it would have if i still lived on my lonesome). tuesday i flubbed a line in rehersal, which is like the first time, but why'd it have to be so soon to the event itself? i'll take care of it. just need some act iii practice is all. came home from there to find jenny, sarah, & sarah's boyfriend (who i just remembered to invite to the play) watching home videos the girls had made when they were sixteen. so we drank a bunch of wine & embarassed them. a fun time. has anything else really happened? i've been like the ocean lapping at the beach. eroding it away. tending to a garden of dark fruit. or an orchard, rows of bone coloured trees.

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