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no, how about this? how about, honestly? jenny knows, but who knows who else. it is really pretty much all about this 2/3 thing.

pretty much it is the crumpled hive. the breaking of heaven. the dweller on the threshold drawing a line in the sand. in the sane. i mean, i'll grab a metaphor & run with it. i'll get myself all confused in a tall tale. i'm pretty sure i had a royal rumble with johnny appleseed. royale rumble? you see how these things can get...muddled. anymore i just see. shit shattering like glass, or ice, under a ball peen hammer. but i mean. how do you. i mean. i'm operating here at minimum effeciency. it isn't ain't to be the loneliest cog. nohow. but here we are. i mean, the nile floods & nobody is there for it. the loam is pretty much...fucked! the loneliest egg. heck, i'm not in a bad mood. but lately i havn't talked about...well, i am shy about it. suffice to say, i am not the best of us.

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