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so honestly? i've been doing not so well. or i don't know. you get spoiled & forget how it is. the past couple of time units? what do you earthlings call them? days. jenny has been sick. so she sleeps in the other room. to the ends of her coughs being a lonesome thing, & not shaking me out of slumber. the idea is great in gold. press that foil down! but in iteration? i don't know. dreams creep in. normally, i can clutch to her like as unto a straw, the drowning fellah, etc. quequeg's coffin. anyhow! here i am with no real intention of going to sleep (though i know i must, soon). she's even in the bed, now! but i've been turned out, turned in. see, i have really bad dreams. & then, the rest of my dreams? not the nicest, either. not that...whatever. i'm not going for the pity vote. but i am running headlong towards exhaustion mordicai. he's been out of things for a while. heck, now that jenny is around again, it'll probably dissolve. i just keep thinking fucking...hollow & two dimensional things are. i mean. by now, you've figured out that it is a trick, right? i mean, philosophy isn't just...i mean, sure, it sucks, as a bunch of pseudoscience, but havn't things like physics started dovetailing into...wait, come on. all of us are hip to it by now.

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