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its funny, & maybe you'll think we're joking, but quite frankly, all this laughter is a sign of evil

saturday, after work i fucked off over to david's. back to being pals, since the saturation of this fall's text book rush is wearing off. how many hours do we spend together without overtime in a week, anyhow? i mean, i'm pretty sure i see my co-workers more than i see jenny. which isn't terrible, right? i mean, hate hate, whatever, but shakespeare has the working environment in spades. unless you count quality of living. i guess the fact that there hasn't been heat in the building so far this year, excluding two days? i guess that might factor in. so fucking cold! anyhow, over to david's saturday night. tried to do a little bit of x-mas shopping but to no avail. met the davidster, drank whiskey, watched harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban, ate some sausage & raviloli, then watched some of batman: the animated series & talked comic book geekese. like debating how to show batgirl's body language reading abilities in a panel. right? stuff like that. then cut to train ride home, trying to call EVERYBODY with platform loneliness, but to no avail. &, scene.

today was mostly a lounge act of a day. there was a lizard, i'm pretty sure, in a leisure suit! named larry. oh, that last bit- to cold, to obvious. layed in bed most of the day reading robin comics & fucking around online. not bad for a theme day, but i was kind of starving. ate some...ramen? what the fuck is that shit? anyhow, my dnd game was cancelled on account of play practice. the proverbial wire is getting down toward, or however that saying works out. it is getting down to the proverbial wire, but i want to say it in the passive voice. see, i like passive voice. it is the serial killer voice. you made me do it, verb! you made me, dammit! anyhow, trundled out to williamsburg for act iv rehersal. i'm supposed to wear a locust mask, but it is more like a wasp, says me. anyhow, a blitzkreiging time. i've only got one line in act iv, but it is the LAST LINE OF THE PLAY & so i am slightly nervous. expository monolouge? sounds like a recipe for trouble! ah, but i think it will be great, probably. i trip over my lines there in the middle, but whatever, it was the first rehersal of it! anyhow, social circle wise, it is looking that i might remain friends with my co-stars jenny & chance when all is said & done. least aways, i'd like it if it were so.

then i came home, bought beer & seltzer water (part of mordicai's favorite potion) & waited till jenny got here. she's so sweet? it was a good day to be us. lots of frolicing & questions & general relationship solid gold. i forgot to mention that my laying in bed reading comics was accompanied by her laying in bed next to me, reading the new jesusy anne rice book. the fuck. anyhow, she came home from dinner at kira's about the same time as i got home from play practice. we ended up watching more crappy cinemax porn & having sex. man, i am getting some milage out of cinemax's crummy soft core porn. so that was awful fucking swell. & oh. i borrowed jenny's ipod & took the bigger head phones, since those tiny ear plugs don't work for my big ears. i busted them, somehow, coiled in my pocket. this sucks, since that is how i listen to music most nights. like now.

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