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what is the deal with pistachio ice cream? isn't it a little bit weird? or a whole hell of a lot weird? it seems that way to me. nut flavoured ice cream. i mean, even peanut butter ice cream mostly just has peanut butter in it (for making reeses cup ice cream cones, i'd betting). also, why dye the ice cream green & then dye the nuts red? do you know that if you stand under a pistachio tree with your girlfriend & you hear one of the seeds POP! open, that is good luck? just in case, i dunno, you need luck real bad. also, what the fuck is up with seahorses? how are they FISH? i mean, if they were a weird mollusk or some shit, that would make more sense. i am going to guess that some point in their evolutionary back-story they were kind of eely, & then started curly-cueing up like that. i don't know, what the fuck kind of amature icthyologist do you take me for?

friday i helped carla move. what a mess. she was coming from the upper east side down to the financial district. the truck just barely fit all of her stuff, & we drove down there (her, me, & andrew) with her dog across all our laps, carla sitting on the bag of stuff from the refridgerator between the bucket seats. anyhow, we got to carla's new digs, which are all kinds of crazy. it is in battery park, for one fucking thing! overlooking the hudson, with a nice view of the empire state building. anyhow, the security is psycho-tight, since it is a block away from the world trade center (& what used to be the rest of the world trade center). like, they search all cars (ALL cars) coming onto the property, even unto using mirrors to view the bottom of them. the guards have rank- the best of them being The Major. anyhow, we powered shit out of the truck, unloading it in record time, only to discover that the keys were locked inside it. i'm slightly culpable in so far as i locked the door, but that is largely over-shadowed by andrew leaving the keys in the ignition in the first place. we got one of the guys from the garage to try to slim jim it open, but no dice. eventually, finally, hours late (with the clock ticking down on the due date for the truck back up on 137th), the locksmith showed up. he pulled his fancy, intimidating looking equipment out of the back of his truck. he hauled it over to the truck & set it down carefully by the door. then he used it as a stool to stand on while digging around with a wire hanger. so we zoomed! up the fdr! except for, you know, the broke down semi on it. mostly we kept calling the guy & lying, trying to get him to stay open. anyhow, we made it in time, only to find out that andrew's motorcycle had gotten a ticket while we were moving. hooray! then we rode the bike back down. to find the battery tunnel closed! how great! fantastic! then we ate at applebees.

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