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last night, at the stroke of the witching novel, the haphazardly persued project of us bookstore boys bore its insane fruit. here then, i present THEREFORE A CRUEL MESSENGER, a novel written in the month of november by knife-expert fordmadoxfraud, the gamma irradiated kromelizard, star-prince dantelong, the robot-luvin'toughlad & yours truely. it quickly devolves into a tangle to rival any gordian knot you might have heard about. the principal actors are emmeleia moore, daughter of alan moore (who's corpus callosum has been cut); edward teach, known to some as blackbeard (who has letters of marque from baal-brooklyn); genaday sumanova, a fat russian surgeon junkie (who has worlds within him); the count, known to some as dracula, others as edmond dantes (a pimp who lives in alphabet city); & several others (including his exellency sir sidney poitier). it is 66,961 words (of virtually unintellegable blather, i'm fairly certain), but if you want to take the punch to your head, i encourage you.

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