mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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do you wanna know YOUR fucking problem? you're problem is a fucking hand in a hellbasket. mold on crops. circles in the sly, rings around moles. rathbone comma basil, captain of the coma commandos! carrying carts incarcerating crowds of captive criminals! all asleep in glass coffins, buried under trees, roots entwined all about the whole kitten kaboodle! thing about that with your sulphur surplus. when you're all octolounging at the cuttleclub with your squid & tonic. fortuneless & wandering errant, dagger stuck in your belt like an agressive exclamation point. you can use it to end sentences like : "i stabbed you!" or "you've been killed!" or "how do you like a knife inside you!" or "i told you i was going to torture you!" see how great it is to go adventuring with ambitious punctuation? frisk me up baby & get a whole slice n' dice of surprise! you are tongueless & human!

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