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no ship that size has a cloaking device!

they fed me lots of coffee & now won't let me write on the manu-fucking-script! bogarts-moran has his grub-hands all over it! sayin' i could always use the internet. i could use fucking new comic book day more like! fuck! i read some comic books. no, YOU read some comic books! sigh. but what do i know about beautiful women? besides everything, ya heard! now, okay, okay, there may have been some allegations in the 80s regarding my participation in certain mass extinctin events & please allow me to clarify! you havn't even BEGUN to understand "mass extinction." you will though. soon. awfully soon. oh sonofabitch. i just keep looking at this snake-chaser motherfucker sitting next to me, typity-typing away. damn! i want in coach! anyhow, christopher's last 2000 words started lacking in paragraphs, or punctuation, or differentiation between storylines. james last bit was all quirk-lolly nonsense, sort of like mine. maybe moran'll scare the dickens out of the chickens n' they'll all jolly roger into line. or not! who can say! before i even get my run down the slalome, stern deserves a go. the three-hour-reader-catcher-up mofo. FUCK!

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