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deleting from the bottom up.

as the acolytes dressed me this morning in cerament cloth & buckled on my sword & pistol, annointed my brow with crissom & crown, i got a dream on me but hard. i'd been dreaming about spy shit, about time travel & loneliness, so the intrusion of this shard of colour came notably. just a girls face, hovering above me. it gets scratchy, like the film strips been stuffed in the back of a closet, knocked around inside a box uncovered, outside of its frisbee shaped case. the girl goes grey with these fingers of tears, turns herself into a cement wall. the whole world goes cinderblocks, actually. it isn't till i cut myself & dripple blood on it that the fuzz starts melting, that i can get my sight on. the folks at the party are all eating with forks shaped like dildos, knives the size their forearms, swirling around bowls of ammonia. what prophecy this, jacob!

today is the last day of nanowrimo, which means we have until midnight to put some kind of nightcap on this thing. there were some fallow times, some weeks were david & i were the only ones who touched it, & maybe some enthusiasm was lost, some flow. but at this point, the important thing is to finish it. we're well over the word count (though not nearly by as much as i thought we would be) & the battle for the chyrsler building is nigh! so yeah, thats sort of a collossus shadowing today's agenda. last night night was play practice! i like to think i'm a quick study. that i incoporate criticism effeciently. johnny (the timeless infinity biker) moves like a robot? so i practiced all kinds of gestures. the bits where i am steel are easier, since i don't have as much of a "persona," & am more just a character. if that makes any sense? i don't have to try to be archetypal biker guy, i guess i mean. anyhow, the play is in about two weeks, which is distressingly close. i guess people have been snapping up reserve seats really quickly too, so it is looking like it is going to be an "event." my goodness!

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