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there might be something in the air besides the static, but all i can see is the fuzz of snow from the television set. worn on my brow like a tin foil halo. crown. whatever. stare at the ceiling & watch the dimples of the firmament swirl by, smoke rings in a tornado. what a world, what a world. the part i call myself like an over-fed tick under the arm pit of the ape everybody else calls me. a arachnid with a big black belly-- or a starfish, suckers caught in the skin, burrowed deep with small claws. because a starfish can be cut into three pieces, sundered & seperated & somehow still live. incomplete but regenerated. can what it torn apart be rejoined? we'll take scissors to ourselves to see if it can. maybe i'll quiet the wings buzzing in my ear & go sit next to jenny & see what can be seen.

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