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thanksgiving kind of sucked, but we pretty much knew it was going to. almost kidnapped an orphan or something to make a go of it, but by then it was too late. not enough cash, not enough...whatever it takes. some kind of holiday energy. something i guess i don't generate? my organs are so similar to an electric eels (which is a fish after all, & not an eel) you would think, but it takes extraordinary effort to redeem this kind of thing. with more warm bodies? maybe. but jenny wasn't having it. anyhow, it is kind of a weird anniversary anyhow. & now it is over. not really, right? since the bad anniversary is...about now-ish, but whatever. note how i lack the proper kind of sentimentality? once again, saved by this inky halo of mine. so there was a sloppy morning of sulking, which i spent downloading trailers to the sequel to ICO. & basically jonesing for a ps2. then there was a nap? from which i was awoken by jenny bearing mulled wine! the cornucopia had flourished after all! or whatever the cornucopia does. same thing the sampo probably does. then there was the terrible, terrible bewitched, then finally beer in copious quantities. while falling asleep, jenny kept waking me up to pay attention to her, till i finally drunkenly & sleepily told her there was really only one way she was going to keep me awake & paying attention to her. & it was some pretty sex bomb fucking, too, let me tell you.

turns out also that thanksgiving was so rocky since jenny is coming down ill. worked all day today. 9:45-1:30 alone, running around the store whooping & hollaring like an injun, punctuated by pen behind ear staring at my dnd notebook. how much do you want to fuck me? that is so cute, right? 1:30 fordmadoxfraud came in, so i got a chicken tostada salad (no jalepenos, no tomatoes) & he worked on the book. then, what, 2:15ish dantelong came in. shit, then time dialates again. 9:45 till 1:30 was most of today. most of...BLACK FRIDAY! anyhow, i printed up the wikipedia articles on ICO & shadow of the collossus, because i am weird & obsessive. basically, i've been thinking about giants, only about giants, for the past week. a lot about giants. gigantes. yeah! fuck yeah. i made 'em extinct. you know how that makes me wet. i came home (walking from grand army plaza to here, the whole way titan-brained. seas with over-sized fishies) & took care of the extraordinary jenny. somehow cuter when sick? i've got a disgusting little co-dependent thing going on, huh? watched some tv, slung some lead, & that brings us to here. oh, david can read minds. or at least, we both knew how the thing at the fruit stand with blackbeard, captiel, rafe jackson & his imaginary daughter was going to end. did i mention how our novel rules?
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