mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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dolled up & between the panes. not like i mean it in a negative way. but i mean. who spends their time in any way that actually means something to them? i talk about angels a lot. maybe you've figured that out by now, but that is pretty important to me. i mean, the most important to me. most of my important living takes place in the margins. there have been bits that slip over, that matter in a greater way. for instance, cute jenny. she's awful adorable with her martyrdom. but i don't really have any point to make here. monday is go to work day. tuesday i go to work early, but then go to play practice. i like my play. wednesday is new comic day. thursday? i guess this one is thanksgiving. i tried to fix it? but i failed. see, left to my own devices, i will let shit play out. but jenny...shit matters to her. which i kind of get. but not, apparently, quick enough. anyhow.

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