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the rust hand.

so maybe i am drinking to much. jenny says so. she tends to be higher WIS on these things than me. i don't know. i've just been sort of out of it. i had a tendency to leave letters off the end of sentences, for instance. to cut right to the punctuation. for a while, this whole thing worked aces. when the novel was being written. i lost a lot of momentum through two events. one i joke about, which is jenny making fun of it. i mean, i can't really act like this is some writing megalith. but i dunno, maybe i'm sensative. i totally was about her ambivilance. the other end of it is the rest of the participants vibe when david was in italy. i mean, okay. there was work to be done. peter & me, especially, since we were the crutch carriers. which, we should be. i dunno, it did sort of sour when i saw no one else picking up from where it was last left. i formerly thought 100k was a good benchmark. now i'm back to the conservative nanowrimo 50k. whatever. it is still pretty great. if we can stop doing fucking text kills at work, maybe we can get some fucking inertia back in to the manuscript.

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