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since u been gone.

hey! i know what this little piece of paper is! it is a map of the one tower (of four) on top of brahm clavell stroub's castle-mansion! it has a tree in the middle of it, 'cause he's all moyal-pardal mythological in refrence! a detail that will be over-looked by the players almost certainly! not that i am all a-gog over that. i mean, weta workshop didn't fuss when no one translated the feanorian script on arwen's sword! they just let it sort of soak, let it add to the over-all flavour. of course, some junkie asshole DID translate that shit on arwen's sword. it was some gondorian shit, right? hey, isn't fucking bilbo's mithral shirt from what's his name? irdril's kid? that halfie mofo? or did i totally make that up? i can't ever tell.

Poll #617680 the real question!

i am more like

black adam.
the joker.

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