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my play is actually very funny. & everyone says to me the same thing! i mean, once they are done telling me how brilliant i am. when other people do it, it is ego stroking-- with mordicai, it is science! anyhow, they tell me i'm not loud enough! i have to be louder! how about them apples, huh? anyhow, last tuesday was the first chance anyone got to see the play in a kind-of-all-the-way-through way. i mean, acts iii & iv (eye eye eye and ivy) were just read throughs. but still! i think it will actually be entertaining to strangers. as if strangers will come! with only 150 seats total, unless we sell out & simon fiats a matinee on saturday, i can only imagine that tickets will be rare birds. of colourful feather & sorrowful cry. anyhow, i should probably be reading my act iii (3) lines more. i have been slacking a little. but i'm not worried. i think i'll do okay. i mean, i'm totally nervous. anxiety! but whatever. i pretend to be a person every day, pretend to be a diffrent person (or several diffrent people) every sunday. that is like, a million practice points, right? right.

oh! i alternate being good with the weights & bad with them. but over-all, i can tell they are making a diffrence. no kind of substitute for a gym membership, but how could they be? jenny even says she can tell i'm getting bigger, &...well, she is, to be fair, the only one who sees me naked, but also sees me more than anybody else. is that true? i hope it is true. i mean, besides angels. they always look at me. anyhow, i give 'em a fair shake, the weights. 30 lbs. (thirty pounds) isn't that sneer worthy. even at my peak, 30 curls at a 35 lbs. was a good day. i'll take a casual 15 (fifteen) at 30 lbs. (xxx pounds) plus i can do all kinds of weird other things with them. so. for my legs &c. i walk to grand army plaza every day. which, okay, it is only a mile, but two (2) miles a day can do alright by a guy, it turns out. it isn't the best regimine, but i'm sure feeling a lot better about the state of the machinary. that said, i kept waking up periodically last night choking to death, & would spend the next hour coughing. so i'm probably a gonner from that anyhow.

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