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sunday: a success! with a tough act to follow (seeing as how my last sesssion was pretty great), i pulled it out & the player characters won all the marbles! personally, i prefered the prior sessions roleplaying & fairy tale options (sinilind the magical bluebird! kaval ants!) with its many options for character skill & spell use, but i think the pcs enjoyed the climax to the whole thing maybe better. i was really worried that they wouldn't listen to neda of vanamoor's warnings about light on the sunless lake! that huge fucking monstro that lives in the water was gonna have himself a feast. the learned to navigate past that, saw the wall murals of vanapagan the titan & his romance of the wounded queen, they saw the blasphemous sussaur pillar of the demiurge goetia, they found the coral island amidst the maze of stalagtites. they fought kaval ants in the mushroom tangle! he had used his carnifex skull & stigmata feats to command some of the undead, & had a good showing out of the gate, but he shouldn't have let himself get trapped in the cornor. mostly he was trying to stay out of emma's line of sight! well, garrick grappled the fuck out of him, so he couldn't escape & use his one-use magic item skull (instead of potions, he smashed bones) of arcane lock to seal the door behind him when he fled back to the witch. which, no surprise, let them also fuck up the witch really bad. basically, some good saves while she used her heightened spells rendered her pretty fucked. she was mostly just a sneak-attacking with shruikin whore. but nope, the pcs sure killed the hell out of her. the lessoni learned was! never, ever just one npc villian.

eh, she was just the little sister anyhow. or i should say. soestre.
Tags: campaign1, dnd, oubliette

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