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mostly i've been writing in the nanowrimo when i have had a couple of breaths to gulp. but today it isn't coming, & maybe it has something to do with the periodic distraction jenny provides. aw yeah, i'm talking about sex. well, okay. it isn't periodic so much as she's on hers. oh damn! i'm not that clever. :(! but i am a sexy fucking beast: today & then twice last night! though props to last tango in paris for the assist on the two yesterday night. anyhow, also i call dibs on god/"father"/top floor of the chrysler building. so i can take a rest & stretch my knuckles. noose-time!

i keep having ideas about how i should write a sci-fi epic where travel is accomplished via tricking out virtual particles. you know, take an energy loan, make a duplicate, & effectively teleport. to pay off the "debt" of energy, each trip would extinguish a star. hence the galaxy spanning ships would be called "starkillers." basically i want to write a hard sf space opera, if such a thing isn't contradictory. or more like, especially if it is. did i mention that combat inside of spaceships would be fought with chain-saws? see, if you lose one in zero gee, it doesn't cut through the hull. how great am i?

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