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blacker than black, darker.

annoyed that peter's bit on the nanowrimo was so fucking funny. that half-grimace from working with people that don't suck. not that i'd trade it? i guess turning the count into vampire dantes is something to put up against "gas!" & the whole further jokes on genaday. when i say annoyed, i mostly mean that gmail is pulling a fast one on me. where we at now, boys? i was gonnna throw some murk into the water. no biggie. tonight after work i bailed to some belgian bar with my dnd boys. we theoretically talked about what was up with our old characters. a not insubstantial conversation when one set of characters were demigods & the other group got up to about level 20. it was nice to see scott again after...about six months? i guess more actually. anyhow, many samplers of beer were shared. i don't know how much alcohol that is, besides "just right." mike & scott went to the goth bar to hit on some bartender, but i bailed. my jenny in the bed is...i don't know how to say something as cute as she is. i'm in a fairly decent mood. brought down occasionally by the realization that i really should do laundry tommorow.

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