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well fools are in the reigning mood this fucking day! all motley on the throne. just threw down a thousand words on the nanowrimo. a little bit hurried, though. i could use some fucking paragraphs inbetween my caffine fueled wordgasms. now i've got to argue with peter about dirt-farmer jews 4,000 years ago & their magical rabbis. sonofagun. anyhow, i can't wait for more opportunities to have blackbeard flip out & shoot tourists. i'm sure he'll find a way, somehow! he's a drinker! he doesn't know el topo, but he loves him some charlie & the chocolate factory you betcha. anyhow, fuck. i don't know how to be any kind of anything tonight. what will i do when i go home? i will be subjected to the riddle! threaded through the eye of the needle! prophets say so routinely! DELPHIC GIRL of super rock group WHORACLE said it in song lyrics- she was speaking to me! me alone! TRUSTY BARD of international arabian horse breeding society FEMA said that same thing in interview with baskin robbins! it happened!

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