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& i guess whatever else, at least last night i didn't die, you know? i could have been made of sugar & dissolved in the bathtub instead of sleeping in it (to the tune of candle light). i laid down just long enough to lose grip on things, let things slip in & out. come & go together. eggshell headed mordicai had a brain full of angry insects, the sort of thoughts we call angels in our less guarded moments. well come hell & sit a-crown on my head. yeah, so i took leave of our sheets & refuge in the shower, turning off the lights & suffering under the eyes of halloween candles. oh hail bloody mary full of hate kind of mirror-mirror shit. not that we're not in the wake-up club. i'm shaken from slumber next thing you know four hours later.

did i mention how great the mountain goats show was? normally that lo-fi thing puts a dampner on my over-like of a band, not to mention the scatter-shot quality of the total body of music available, since i just pick through the dumpster of music, the skeleton of a corp(us). but live & kicking, they throw punches. shoot you in the face for trying to rob their liquor store. sun rise your vampires, or sun set 'em as the case may be. & tuesday i found out i've been cast as "steel" in act three of the play, too.

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