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first off, what is up with those guys who carry the cotton candy trees on the subway? i always wonder if they are, you know, trying to sell it to folks on the train, or taking it somewhere. & if you are taking it somewhere....where?! the fucking circus? to the weird molasses flood bubbling up beneath manhattan, to throw in pentitent worship to your sugary halloween god? to kneel before his blasphemous throne of, i dunno, stale twizzlers & sno-caps & melt it down to make 1919 look like a rehersal dinner for the creepy sucrose wedding of the century?

also, i figured out what the fuck is wrong with rap videos. since when is it "tough" to be rude? motherfucker. how about this, you piece of shit. how about instead of acting like a lazy fucking jackass, you try adhering to some basic fucking rules of civilization. i'm walking on the fucking train platform & there is mister hip-hop, straddling the fucking yellow line. on one side, the gap, on the other, the stairs going up. hey, mother-fucker? i'm fucking walking here! & while we are on the topic, bigger than your scrawny ass! get the fuck out of my way! seriously, take one shuffle step to either the left or right, you piece of fucking SHIT. but no, i'm a participant in this whole fucking game. so i just sidle-up to the son of a bitch & say excuse me till he moves. which means i say excuse me twice. yo, asshole! you didn't just win alpha-male points, you just won a one-way ticket to a bitchy diary entry about you! now who is the cool one, you fucking juggalo?

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