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everytime i sit down to recount the past couple days i get confused, start thinking i'm supposed to recant the last few days, & lose it. like i'm washed up on the shores of some island of alphabet soup. these dreams havn't been helping, either, all nyquil coloured windows into my hazy heaven. look at the minarets, ring'ed with a crown of terrible weapons! & there thrashing in the deepest pits are eel-things, knotting their tails together. & me in the middle, a little black prince. which brings me to tuesday evening. play practice, though i guess the proper term is rehersal? at this point i'm the clit-master in so far as memorizing my lines goes. i'm some kind of god-damn actor-samurai. i guess! at least, everyone reassures me when i act kinda nervous. shut up about it. after practice i stuck around with simon (director), chance (muscle head), jenny (mouseface), & alex (vegetable) to watch some comedy show. the racial joke wasn't inappropriate or in bad taste, but it would have been funnier if we weren't packed into a room of all crackers. at the intermission, we bailed, since chance was fucking blackbeard drunk. then i was all "i'm fucking cassanova!" but i was just goofing on chance, who was all sputtering his astonishments. walking to the train, i totally was captured (again!) by koreans, & forced to eat sushi & drink sake. "it is happy hour!" she would say, while she brought another bottle to the table. then there was some fucking RETARDED shit with the trains, i tried to help chance hit on another girl, to no avail, & i would have gotten really lost on the labyrinth g without him there to figure shit out. so i guess my plans are always for the best!

wednesday, after i'd read all the comics that people bought, i headed home early to sort of do some apartment renovation with jenny. i threw out my broken computer finally (remembering NOT to throw out fmf's fallout disc), & reorganized the papers from the old desk, & pitched that. during this phase of the evening jenny was mean, mean, mean! she was an awful jerk. anyhow, once the putting together of the new desk started (i got us a new desk with my superior post-apocalyptic scavanging skills), she cheered up. the new fucking desk is HUGE. gigantic. i anticipate that maybe somepoint in the future the bedroom will have to be re-arranged, but gribble-guts doesn't want to even think about it yet. the chores finally done, we watched america's next top model & gilmore girls while eating some pretty crappy mexican food. i made my successful poison-use check & got jenny pretty drunk, which was fun. we formed a mutal apreciation society! & then afterwords laid in bed goofing around. i should've gotten laid, but she's on this yeast infection medicine (on account of her antibiotics) that'd eat right through latex like it t'weren't nothing! & she can't start her birth control till after the antibiotics are done, which i guess!

last night was supposed to be the big-screen showing of the exorcist, which i've never seen. but alas, things fell through with the tickets, so we couldn't go. instead jenny took me to the role-playing store & bought me some miniatures, because she is a good girlfriend. about then, carla & andrew showed up, with andrew (my man drew) insisting that we get chipotle. which i had also insisted when we got there. so chipotle it was. we ate us some fucking burritos the size of our head, & drank many margaritas, until they kicked us out. we closed out a fucking chipotle, ya heard? then andrew took jenny for a ride around the block on his motorcycle, & then we bailed homeward. which brings us to today.

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