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beat my head against this wall. i keep trying to shake off this bastard anxiety. like a tick has snuggled its way into my heart. we go away for the weekend & i am much less fun than a bag of hammers. i can think of about a million hillarious things to do with a bag of hammers. a bag of hammers is in my top ten list. mostly my weekend is made by taking a test on the internet that says i am seth gecko. maybe you didn't know, but pretty much my aspiration as a "person" is to be the amalgam of the gecko brothers. on some internet websites, like friendster or whatever, i just list "seth & richie gecko" as my entire intrests list. so maybe i feel validated as a "human being." but then i turn on itunes & the first track i listen too is the one of the girl getting strangled. that always wakes me up to whats what. annie forget your gun, go get your flaming sword & i will set you about the garden. don't listen to me, i don't know or really care what i am talking about. babbling on about angels always makes me homesick, & that is the sort of yearning i want to conserve. can you believe that danielle accused me of not having a sense of humour about myself? i'm fucking drowning in humour! i'm practically delivering ice cream to children, that is how good humour i am. you want to know what i'm up to? i'll tell you what. i am going to listen to tori amos sing "space dog" & then i am going to listen to the 2001 song "jupiter & beyond." 'cause that is how i roll.

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