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then this morning- comic books!

last night was the second play practice for the first act of the young romance play that i'm in. it was pretty much a full cast, except for one of the meat-heads. my sort of anxiety over playing the cool biker guy is largely evaporated, since it seemed to go over well. just weird to be thrown into the actors chair, right? diffrent from being an rpg since you are accountable to a director, for one, for two you don't make your character, & for three, people other than your friends see you. also, i can't just fall back on a cheesecake goblin accent & a limp, right? but i had fun, which is pretty much a good benchmark for things. i also met the girl i'm throwing my woo-ing at. she was a little pip, completely on the ball, which was a little intimidating. would glance at her lines & have them memorized pretty solidly. which led to her, you know, acting & shooting moon-eyes while i'm supposed to be throwing mojo at her, & me staring "stupidly" at the script. whatever, not like i am supposed to have all my lines memorized yet or anything. so i cybersnooped her & found out she is some real actress girl, so that is a lot less of a worry now. right? so that ended, i came home, curled up with jenny & watched gilmore girls & called it an early evening. when i was asleep i had a dream that imogen & i were out in a log cabin going deer hunting! she was all excited for me to kill these fucking deer, since they kept peeing everywhere & acting agressive & attacking everyone, like in the ring 2. what a fucking mess of a movie that was, huh?

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