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this pat kid is great! he's the best thing to happen to my wang since the invention of putting coke on your wang! anyhow, yeah, what complaints i might have had dissolved, what with an attentive girlfriend & then bernie coming over to keep me company. he had to pick up his groceries, so, that kind of won the day. i'd meant to be all prestige classy tonight, but instead between us we killed a tiny little bottle of kettle one (1). so i'm in a pretty decent way, though i imagine shortly i'll stop listening to rock & roll & head to bed instead. i'm back to my more prosaic good-boyfriendry. my ultimate weapon against mister pat! i mean, at the time, i was falling into all the most jagged pieces. see, when the whole jenny & pat thing played out, i had started talking to jenny again. being the predictable mess of the season. shouting & cruelty, you can expect. except for somehow in the middle of things i pulled the "greatest creature you've ever known" mojo. which worked out just great over the telephone, though it left me laying in the middle of the ice rink (literally) when the call was done. you know, shatter-shatter but keep it together when she's looking in the mirror. a tactic i recomend, based in a real way on its success when i pulled it. warning! a lower charisma stat might totally jeoparidize the whole plot & leave you as the "friend." but then, what can you expect, you beta-to-omega male, you!

i uh, havn't been crazy except when asleep. i've had a whole couple of dreams about goodbye kisses gone wrong or whatever, but really? i have to play the trust card. because isn't that the whole point of history? we've broken each other so solidly that what other choice is left? none, really. but good old brain, he keeps tossing the abandonment card on the table. well you know what? fuck off. this is the whole game here, no doubt. all in. every last chip. but if you are playing the doyle way? & shouldn't you be? then every hand this good demands an all in to scare off the other players. & guess if i'm fucking bluffing? post-script: i will fucking shoot you with my colt single action if i ain't. nobody said this t'weren't dirty cards! but i'm just trying to excuse my jealous, self-doubting brain. the only traitorous part of my body! old cyborg skull knows the stakes. he'll keep that grey matter in line.

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