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last night's session was huge! all in all, mordicai (lt. endicott clay), gerd (jr. lt. v'rtok), bernie (lt. drust skifswain), brandon (lt. kethrylas), aaron (vanished!), tom (jr. lt. snoori), james (seaman "eyeke"), & of course mike as the dm. any how, we fought a djinn, made it give us wishes (wished away drust's taint, for a bridge with tongues, & to enchant out catapult) then nevernauted over to the moon, fought some of those fungal beholder decoy things, talked to a rock-biter guy, traded him for enough moonstone to protect the crew from neverwhere taint for at least a week, & then took pot shots at some evil giant's castle. & that was that. also, i ate some chilli with peppers even in it! but not green peppers. i just loaded it up with cheese & sour cream as, you know, sort of a dodge. then i stayed up waiting for jenny to come home, but she was out at a bar with some boy she used to be in love with until 4 am. which, i'm still feeling stupidly vengeful. how'd you like it if i stayed out late with...a girl...who maybe used to like me? HUH? how would you like THAT? whatever. we're back to the part where i think its stupid how she & pat get to be better friends than me & cortney. whatever though. make your bed & lie in it, cassanova. jenny is a nice girl though, you know? she'd tell him about how much i could kick his ass! that is heartwarming. so whatever. where are all the nebulous girls in my life, huh? see, this was how it was supposed to go with hot australian mom. i was supposed to tell her i had a girlfriend, she was supposed to try to "be friends" aka seduce me, we would hang out, she would fail, she would fall in love with me, then she'd be all broken hearted. but nooooo, she's too smart for that. how incredibly stupid.

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