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mirrormask! the word on the lips of every honey-&-blood mermaid, slithering up on deck to mary celeste you. it is what you heard it was! neil gaiman & dave mckean deliver their impressive one-two combo, followed with a haymaker burt bacarat scene, & the saddest giants you're going to see for at least five or six miles. you know, things melting like watercolours & everything boardering on collage art. but right, i mean that in the best possible way! mckean's only getting better at his craft. i showed up with christopher & we went to the seats the carla & andrew were saving for us. there was so much sin in the theater that the rapture could have happened & nobody'd be the wiser. besides, i mean, that trumpet call will call me to gird myself with armor that whispers hossanahs into my ears, swords as sharp as shadows. o we rise to battle from our raths.

just a couple of knuckle bones rattling for a head i guess tonight. jenny is out about the town with pat, & i mean, i'm actually pretty cool with that. unless i'm in my sleep. last night i kept waking up & thinking a stranger was in bed with me, filled with unfamiliar smells. kind of clench my fists thinking about it, but really, it was just the smoke & beer from the bar. i'm not used to being sober myself when it comes around. but yeah, things with pat aren't all that heart breaking in concept. at least not my heart, suckers! i'll just toil here in this diamond. breaking adamant into smaller & smaller pieces with my teeth.

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