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so this is what happened.

last night after play practice (jenny summed up my weirdness about it as, "so, you arn't the center of attention all the time?") i fucked off around union square for a second, seeing if anyone wanted to do anything. they didn't. fuck 'em, the fucking bastards. so i came home & started drinking wine. i ended up a) having a long drunk sincerity conversation with danielle ("no, i think you are cool, but your philosophy is reprehensable!") & then also b) sleeping on the couch hoping jenny would come home. she didn't, she slept at carla's. boo! man, i like saying "boo," though. i feel like a ghost! boo! hahaha scared you. sucker. then anyhow, today at work was a big flooded mess. seriously, i'm a little worried i might be out of a job when the whole store fucking collapses. the office is leaking, the electronics in the office are leaking, bathroom is leaking in like three places (& ruined my map of my game world's solar system!), & the first aisle of text books is leaking. the latter being the big one, since it requires constant mopping. as in, all of us yelling at the others to "man the bilge." that is to say, take the sponge mop, soak up some water, swivel it over the sink, ring it out, & repeat. christopher was counting- he'd do 150 of them before switching off.

anyhow, all that aside, today was new comic book day. unholy forces, awake! to get spoilery! fuck! earth-2's superman PUNCHED THROUGH BACK INTO THE UNIVERSE! with superboy & alexander luthor (& louis). go kal-l! i keep saying that superboy is going to die, but then i think, maybe he'll just go into the future. also the end of villains united came out. aww, parademon! you were my favorite. but seriously, what the fuck is UP with luthor dopplegangers! who is this chump heading up the villain's team? i can't even figure it out. although my guess before i read the issue was that mockingbird was alexander luthor. close, but no cigar! some other good stuff came out. like fables & y, but nothing all that "earth shattering." see, 'cause crisis is literally gonna shatter never mind. anyhow, i figure that the retired batman will be in earth-2. or...whatever. i'm intrested, to say the least. oh, & i guess house of m came out too. it is competent, i'll give it that. but maybe i am just less invested in the marvel u? if they get rid of mutants...why would anyone read it? i can't tell. why doesn't doctor fucking strange or reed fucking richards go talk to the watcher? or, fuck, go to the everglades & get man-thing to show them through the door to earth 616? or any other earth that fits the bill? hell, she-hulk? you met howard the duck there? fuck.

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