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tonight was my first play practice for the young romance play. i am, um. pretty nervous. shut up! i am. not that i won't do passably. more, that i won't do amazingly. like- i'm supposed to play the cool guy? FUCK! how am i supposed to be the cool guy? that is basically the biggest death trap. how do you ham up the fifties? oh shit. i could have fordmadoxfraud hit me up with tons of 50's biker movies i bet. but i'm also a biker in the 80's? no, no, look- it is fun. everyone seems cool. i have no complaints? but man, that guy who plays vic the chef is funny! the guy who plays the pin ball machine is funny! maybe i am the straight man? maybe i need to look at things like maybe i'm the straight man. that could be the gem, the ticket. i don't know. i guess simon wrote the part for me, more or less? great! so there is no pressure or anything! haha, man. i'm in a play! that is all kinds of funny. maybe i'll take tommorow to practice voices! shit, how do you act cool? i mean, in a play? being cool, that i can do. but acting cool? that sounds totally impossible. i keep saying that i want to do the opposite of james in twin peaks. shit. did symon or kaden invent "^^"? who can know.

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