mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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i don't really have an anthem for victory on my tongue tonight, so sorry if it comes out hollow when i say it that way. it is just this month of ash wednesdays. or at least everyone else has soot on their faces. eyes wriggling around their faces like snakes on a cadacus. see the thing is, & hear me out, because i've been thinking about this, the thing is- i'm pretty god-damn sure i want to kill that fucking albatross. i keeps trying to lead us out of the ice! i'm trying to play fucking dice here, guys, fucking hell! 'cause i can still conjure up indignant, i can still wax blasphemous. no fall is too tiny for this little cowboy to make an exile out of! i trip down fucking stairs & find sulphur & brimstone. i can talk about cobble stones as good as anybody. i'll pave my way back home with a road of bad intentions. see now there is a little spark, tesla! a little bit of teeth in the meat.

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