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you can't pajama round a broken memory.

my brain has been all scattered like bread for pigeons. i mean, i've just had no spare chattering time except for dungeons & dragons. basically i've run three sessions in the past two weeks, with another one coming up on sunday. so i guess i've just been feeling a little burnt-out, wrung-out, dried-out. i havn't even had much of a chance to think about peripheral stuff like history (blaine the city, consolidated blaine, regency blaine, the diadochi wars, consular blaine, wars against the moyal voivodes, the nation of blaine, confederate blaine) or constellations (proclamations of the signs along the solar band, issued by each viceroy of the vellic church when they are appointed) not that things havn't been going well. just that i'll be glad for a chance to let my mind wander, come monday. though my spare time hasn't entirely composed of geeking out. there has been plenty of jenny in there. a twin of days earlier in the week reared up their hydra-heads. bad moods cured by television & liquor. topped off by sexual romps complete with knee high leather books with stiletto heels! so mind you, i'm not complaining, more just a little tired. today i'm going to go hang out with katja, who i havn't seen in weeks either. i'm looking forward to that, but i've got to coax my lazy ass out of this chair.

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