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Is anyone else reading this savage love stuff here? it is about some guy who supposedly walked, basically a wes craven porno. dark rooms, cryptic phone calls, towels draped over heads, the whole nine yards. he gets head, he gets anal & then decides it is probably a man, so he better run! okay, so whatever, dan savage doesn't completely chew him out. which, i am kind of down with. his story is probably complete bullshit, but whatever. as a male who considers himself to have occasionly been taken advantage of, i'm down with that wind blowing. but then i start reading the reader responses. some of them are pretty okay, like the folks who are like, "sorry, you pretty much consented to sex, & when you said no, the sex stopped. thats not rape, that is you being an idiot hornball." okay. some of them are predictably awful, like "if you feel like you've been raped, then you have." uh, sorry, no. you can feel like a whole lot of things, but that doesn't make it so. but mostly what is astonishing (wrong word. totally not astonishing. rather, very banally obvious) is the level of accepted trans bashing. "omg dude, thats a dude! ew!" i don't know. there is just this weird undertone throughout, even with applying the "evil faggot" label to the situation. it sounds more like an "evil trannie" to me, but i'm no expert. no real point, just a sort of awareness of it.

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