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vincent price was the shaman's totem spirit...

coming home off a bad train ride last night i at once took refuge in the bathroom, retching. oh who so ever believeth in me shall not perish, but bear swords & terrible weapons to the grisly carrion gates of heaven. but there she was, calling me into bed with that willow tree voice of hers. all hung over my pond, with a swinging rope over it. jump into my dark & algae'd swimming hole! & the scaly me will grab you with toothy jaws & turn over on top of you. it is like the crocodile's handshake! even sharks give you a love bite to let you know they're there. bruising your plum coloured skin & biting into your peach flesh. you can't blame the creatures of the deep for raising some hell. where else are they going to get all their ammonia from? you think they just fly on over to titan? say, now there is an idea. fuck dyson sphere noise. i want megascale oceans. lets have a space elevator for giant fucking squids & shit. now that is ambition! park ranger would become basically the sweetest job ever. come on, monkeys. you've got it in you. scramble at your natural fucking resources before it is too late. i mean, seriously, why are you assholes wasting petrol on electricity still. hello, didn't you discover nuclear power fifty fucking years ago? & just like, last week you shot something out of your solar system? way to get with the program. oh listen, i'm running at the jaw. i remember when your sun was a young thing, & the stars still shone in the daytime, so dark the sky.

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