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these first couple are from that dumpy joint don hills, where we had a good time despite all odds.

carla, & a sliver of mordicai.

carla & the new drummer looking at carla's camera, while andrew looks on.

tony is a guy i've known since high school. he's okay; more fun these days i feel like.

these next ones are from fordmadoxfraud's celebration. why none of me? why?!

this is christopher, dantelong. he doesn't really wear that hat.

this is, for added confusion, dante. dante is a superhero, odds are. next to him is james, who is in my dnd game now.

this is kassie, who needs to be saved from herself. next to her is a slice of marlene, who talks too much.

kromelizard, peter. & the reason he is a disgusting mess. & james again. also the dog is named roscoe.

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