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last evening, as soon as i got off work, i piled into that iron dragon that prowls beneath babylon, & zoom! off to the upper east side. we had the first of gerd's make-up session (diffrent from a make-out session in some small, negligible ways). his character emma carver is returning to my game not this coming sunday but the one after that, & i'm trying to show what he's been doing for the past six weeks. which reminds me that maybe i want to telescope time in my game anyhow, if i get a chance, so that they don't go from 1 to 20th level in the span of a year. so right, with a big cliff-hanger session last week, & trying to catch gerd up with two interim sessions, i've had dnd on the brain. it was cool to see gerd again; he vanished into his laboratory muttering something about crystalography & pseudotuberculosis at the start of the summer, & i had barely heard from him since. his catching up went really well, i was glad. though he & mike are so going to team up to ask inappropriate questions, i can see that coming from a mile away. i kept being all "it is a shame atahwa or balphus aren't here, they could totally charm those guys into helping you!" yeah bitch, you heard me. i am excited for my game! i'm going to have four players finally, which is a real honest to darkness adventuring party! also i'm looking forward to mike's game this sunday. he totally pre-empting the mutiny, in the best way possible. good job.

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