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being the dark to your brilliant, i present, doctor tophet.

i drew up the solar system of my dnd cosmology in the bathroom at the store today, all in multi-coloured markers. all the planets in a row, dot, dot, dot; dash, dash, dash, dash; dot, dot, dot. all part of my gearing up for a big, big sunday upcoming in two weeks time. tommorow marks the start of gerd's catch-up sessions. he's been out of the loop, since his research has started taking priority, but he's ready to stick his head back in the oven, & just in time. my game is really shaping up nicely, & his return (or rather, the return of his character, emma carver) couldn't come at a more opportune time. though i am a little harried to figure out what catsup adventures to send him out on, i think i've come up with a rather decent first (of two) sessions. rock & roll is here to stay! & when i say last week was a clusterfuck, make it more of a fuckbomb. there was more plot exposition than i expected, at the begining, but after that, it turned out my preperations had been on the right track. everything was going great! atahwa, played by bernie, got the twin bombshells that his sister was enjoying the tyranny of a brahm appointed imp tutor, & that he was going to have to fuck his mother. hooray! & of course james's garrick was just trying to keep up with everyone else's insanity. balphus, though, he is the real trick. got a little bit over his head...deeper than even his player, mike, knows. i had a stroke of fucking genius on how to deal with it. i don't know if mike is game for it, but if he is, i think i have the perfect new note in the next chapter. am i being vague enough? okay good. in summation: tommorow, gerd. i have a strong, strong idea of how to go with that. i'm pretty pleased with my recent revelations in that regard. really quite pleased, in fact. in a week & some days, everybody. a full four player group. that, i am totally unprepared for, but i at least have some ideas as to the loose ends from last session. man, being the dm is pretty cool sometimes.
Tags: campaign1, dnd, oubliette

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