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ma'am, "i want to believe" was all agent mulder said before shooting her.

i may have been...a little preoccupied. i have to admit, i havn't scrutinized every falling star as i should have. which bore a flaming sword or a hive multiplex, which screamed as it fell & which sang. i've been up to no good. on friday i went to go see andrew's band play, rather than to the date i was asked on. i didn't know it was hot australian mom's 40th birthday! so guns on high street played don hills, which, if you need to book a shitty venue with repugnant staff? is the place to be. the opening band was basically hootie & the blowfish, only imagine darius rucker was even whiter. complete with awful west coast forty-somethings bobbing their heads to it, & the bands parents coming to rock the house. & apparently andrew's band played a really tight set; what do i know? it was a good time, though, mostly because me, jenny, carla, andrew, & tony acted up a damn fool. then i got to be the bad guy & tell carla we were going home early! yay!

saturday was fordmadoxfraud's big "HAHA YOU ARE FIRED SUCKERS!" party. despite the fact that i really wish he'd let me fire somebody, it is always a good time. well lets see. beatrice, kaitlyn, danny, marsha, & becca all played the flake game, but other than that a full & rowdy crew set sail. my illustrious wicked self, jenny, peter & alicia, dante, christopher, kassie, marlene & of course david. it seems like so few, we merry band of revelers. david made, what, 6 courses, including wild boar? how about them apples, harvard jerk?

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