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whoa. let me just preface this. nineof26 was having his birthday. & kromelizard & dantelong came from work to the event. where we met bernie & iphisol, my lady luck. okay! everybody is pals, right? sure so far. but i also invited some strangers from the internet. fatgirl atruestory, her roomate, & some hipster guy. those late add folks...what a mess. i forgot for a minute that actually having intrests might be uncool! major mix-up on my part. they left plenty of napkin evidence to make up for it. christopher, since he's black, got made fun of having dreadlocks & a flat nose. seriously! he called them & they said what for! it was quite a moment. then bernie & me had to fight over who was "boris karlof" since both of us have the losing hair widows peak. i wish it was me, but glasses are easy to draw! WHY NO GLASSES? it must have been him. anyhow, they were a bunch of boring mofos, so when they left (stiffing the waitress on her tip), we are breathed easy. anyhow, after that! friendly dissention! mostly brought on by imogen being angry she wasn't the center of attention (a half joke). ha. i am still king of the buzz. jenny is doubtless annoyed with me, but okay. nine had a good birthday. hooray! i gave him alias as a gift. lookee me, i am wise. did i mention that the girls from the internet were fat? gross fat? we have pictures.
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