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man, what is it with "nothing compares 2 u?" could it be owned any more by sinead o'conner? like, seriously prince, way to sleep on that. hey! i just figured out why i've always been extremely unimpressed with prince. he's like, the thrift store freddie mercury! man, fred would've nailed this song. it probably would have had a big band in it or something awesome. something totally sweet. anyhow, i'm getting prepped for bed. theoretically. didn't peter or christopher come unto me with a gift of aztec gold, also known in the lesser parlance as coffee? it happened! getting beer was probably a stroke of genius. now i can mix my depressents & stimulents! always a winning stratagy. on the way to get beer, the guy who is the general manager at my liquor store? totally a drunken mess, wanting to chat at me about astronomy. i mean, i brought the topic up, but how was i to know how deeply it resonated with him? i just kept smiling at him with my jack-o-lantern smile. man all of a sudden he got freaked out! he was all, terror in the eyes, i gotta go! i'm the poppies surrounding the emerald city, bitch!

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